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Explore Impact Stewardship’s core strengths and what sets us apart from other church capital campaign consultants.

What Sets Us Apart


With a focus on creating a culture of faithful stewardship, Impact Stewardship has helped raise over $1 billion dollars for church ministry since 1999. Our church partners consistently report better results with Impact compared to alternate campaign plans.  Our track record far exceeds church capital campaign industry averages.


With over 25 years of experience, Impact Stewardship has conducted hundreds of programs for churches of all sizes specializing in projects for construction, renovation and debt reduction.

Prayer Center Programs with a Biblical Emphasis

Church capital campaigns must function quite differently than secular or institutional fundraising.  Church-oriented campaigns must center on prayer and communication within the church family.  Impact’s capital stewardship campaign model is rooted in Biblical principles that are clearly articulated and consistently taught to the church body. This philosophy forms the cornerstone of every Impact Stewardship program.

Media Development

Our media/creative director is available to all our partners to work with your church staff and leadership to produce the best possible media communicating vision, need, mission, and most importantly your story.

However, we offer a number of optional turnkey services in print, video, website, and social media communication channels. Our award winning media/creative director can handle all design in-house and deliver a completely customized portfolio for your church's project.

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Education Resources

We have taken our many years of experience and expertise and created a virtual treasury of stewardship tools to transform church giving through teaching, involvement and creative giving emphasis. As our client, you will gain access to this treasury.  Here is just a sample of what will be made available to you.

Pastor Resources

Get sample sermon series, illustrations, and topical conversations specifically designed for a capital campaign. All of which, will improve the communication of your vision and generate congregational support.

Church-wide Activities

Receive step-by-step instructions and samples to design and implement church-wide promotional events that engage your congregation, encourage prayer, and celebrate obedience.

Educational Resources

Start generating heart transformation for all ages, both corporately and individually through a variety of stewardship curriculum and prayer devotionals based on your church’s goals and personality.

Creative & Tax-wise Giving

Our expertise of ever-changing tax laws and benefits opens new and creative ways for your church members to financially support the church, while enjoying personal tax benefits.

Donor Communication

We specialize in providing the most efficient communication and promotional tools to help you more easily inform, involve and reach all potential key donors. Our approach coaches you through a variety of prayer-based, non-intrusive, non-pressure strategies with our on-site support and implementation. Our creative giving education strategy allows church members to realize greater capacity to give to the capital stewardship campaign and participate in more significant ways than was previously thought possible.

Follow-up Support

As part of our program, we get right to work helping you maximize pledge fulfillment for the entirety of your capital campaign with Impact Stewardship.

In fact, the vast majority of clients experience receive 90% to over 100% of their total commitments. We are pleased to have a high number of our clients coming back to us for their 2nd, 3rd and even 4th campaigns.  Our support staff team along with the lead consultant provide the following:

  1. Development and implementation of your communication strategy
  2. Quarterly contact reports and updates
  3. Mid-Campaign recommitment focus and on-site follow up

Team Approach

The magnitude of your church capital campaign is too much to entrust to a solitary individual. We see the danger of asking one individual to handle all the internal responsibilities necessary for capital campaign success, especially if those responsibilities fall out of their natural/learned skill sets. Therefore, we utilize the combined skill sets of a team approach, which our clients and consultants find extremely effective.

What we can help you achieve
  1. Increased strategic points of contact and support
  2. Additional time on-site for motivation, guidance, and direction
  3. Heightened level of consulting and subject matter expertise
  4. Extra attention to detail and more time for church leadership and staff

Your Impact Team Will Include

Lead Consultant

  • Oversees entire process
  • Guides church staff and leadership
  • Meets with donors

Training Specialist

  • Works behind-the-scenes on details
  • Leads series of team trainings
  • Ensures smooth campaign for staff and volunteers

Creative Director

  • Provides communication support and training
  • Optional design, print, video, website and social media capabilities

Support Staff

  • Available to answer questions
  • Responds to urgent requests

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