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About Us

Our Story

Our 25-year history would not be complete without churches like yours seeking God’s vision. Read how our early Biblical foundations continue to lead us today and how our refined process and innovative strategies only reinforce our mission to transform giving though innovative church capital stewardship and generosity programs.

Our Mission Since 1999

Our mission to come alongside the local church to transform their giving through the Biblical principles of faithful stewardship continues to be our heartbeat and the foundation of all our services.  Many of the churches we have had the privilege of working with, appreciate our pastoral heart and financial expertise, which allows them to achieve God’s purpose and mission.

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Innovative Strategies

Over the years, we refined our process and pioneered innovative strategies and educational tools designed to enhance communication and increase giving while keeping spiritual growth a priority. We began offering turnkey solutions to solve the most common problems churches faced.  During our 25-year history, we have worked with churches of all sorts, sizes, and personalities, from across the country, encompassing over 20 different denominations and raising over a billion dollars. Most churches we work with experience the largest giving increase in their history as a result of our generosity programs, church capital campaigns and stewardship emphasis.  We believe it is because we remain true to our mission and commitment to come alongside the local church. If you are facing a need in your budget, missional, capital giving, we would love to help.

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