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Pre-Campaign Planning

Giving Capacity and Forecasting

How well do you know your support and giving base? Impact Stewardship offers forecasting tools designed to identify your church’s giving potential. Learn how to reach the different segments within your church.

Pre-Campaign Planning Forecasting and Analysis

Determine your church’s capacity to give to a project. Better understanding of your support base allows you to customize your communication approach to reach all different giving segments represented within your church.

By understanding the makeup of your church, we can help you create more effective communication targeted to every corner of your church whether it be core, leadership, active families, or occasional attenders.

Benefits to Pre-Campaign Forecasting and Analysis

  • Helps the church determine ideal scope of building project by accurately forecasting churchwide giving potential prior to a capital campaign.
  • Provides better understanding of giving patterns and behavior of different support segments within your church.
  • Allows for the most effective communication techniques to reach each giving segment.

Need help with your pre-planning? We can help.