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Pre-Campaign Planning

Giving Capacity and Forecasting

How well do you know your support and giving base? Impact Stewardship offers forecasting tools designed to identify the different donor segments within your church and determine their commitment, capacity, and propensity to give to a specific project.

Stewardship Health Analysis

Identify the church’s propensity to give to a project by using Impact Stewardship’s Health Analysis. This is a great front-end historic analysis that will help you understand the giving patterns and identify the active donor base of your church.

By conducting this analysis, the church can know how to communicate, encourage, and challenge individuals to grow in their faith, which often opens the door for raising significant dollars as they respond out of faithful stewardship. Certain factors within the church make this a good stand-alone piece or in conjunction with a capital campaign.

Benefits to Stewardship Health Analysis

  • Evaluates the last three years of giving and provides an assessment of strengths and weaknesses
  • Reveals current church involvement levels and potential donor fatigue
  • Provides conservative and realistic campaign goals
  • Identifies areas of potential stewardship growth

Pre-Campaign Planning Database Analysis

Determine your church’s capacity to give to a project by using Impact Stewardship’s Pre-Campaign Database Study. Better understanding of your support base allows you to customize your communication approach to reach all different giving segments represented within your church.

This intensive study of your entire active database (giving and non-giving) only takes six weeks to complete. It helps your church leadership to discover the giving potential and likelihood to give for your entire church. By understanding your active church families, we can help you create more effective communication tools for your project specific to each giving segment represented at your church.

Benefits to Pre-Campaign Planning Database Analysis

  • Provides understanding of different giving segments within your church
  • Allows for the most effective communication, conversation, and motivation techniques for each giving segment
  • Determines parameters around the scope and sequence of your project
  • Acts as a targeted communication tool when developing a strategy to communicate with larger gifts and major donors.

Need help with your pre-planning? We can help.