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About Us

Our Approach

Building Faithful Stewardship

It all begins with our mission of “building faithful stewardship” and helping the church understand the Big Picture when it comes to giving. To understand the principle of faithful stewardship one must read First Corinthians 4:2, which reads “Moreover, it is required in stewards that one be found faithful”.

The first step in heart transformation requires one to view all resources as God’s, and the second step is lifestyle that is committed to glorifying God through all of the resources God has given.  This lifestyle is more than a one-off expression of generosity, and extends well beyond a church capital campaign.

Understanding the Big Picture

Too often, church capital campaigns under-perform because they are often one-off events and not seen or understood as a critical piece to an ongoing holistic approach to your church’s financial health. We want to equip and engage your church during a three-year term that transforms hearts and lifestyles mature and change. If a church is to expand its scope over time, church leadership must commit to implementing a Big Picture strategy designed around the four inter-connected areas of giving.

We can assist you in planning, preparing, and implementing a Big Picture strategy. The results of a Big Picture strategy would be a sustainable funding strategy.  Rather than reactionary approaches imagine a deliberate holistic strategy that anticipates future trends and needs of the church.  Another positive is the long-term spiritual and financial growth of individuals within your church. Lastly, expanding your long-term view and trajectory would provide the church momentum over multiple years.