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Ongoing Stewardship


Our goal is to build and encourage disciples of Jesus who live out the principles of faithful stewardship.  To achieve this Impact Stewardship can provide you with the stewardship educational materials and curriculum needed for all ages to foster heart transformation within your church. Below are a few examples of the different 4-week studies that we offer for our generosity programs and church capital stewardship campaigns.

Stewardship Curriculum

Give & Grow

Designed to precede a stewardship emphasis or capital campaign


  • Examines the Christian disciple of bearing fruit in the area of faithful stewardship.
  • Reinforces Biblical perspectives on recognizing & managing one’s resources.
  • Encourages personal stewardship growth
Stewardship Curriculum

To Whom Much is Given

Introduces teaching of sacrificial over & above giving


  • Provides a “heart check” of attitudes and commitments
  • Inspires one to become an active participant of a “doing” congregation.
  • Prepares the “soil” of your participant’s heart to receive the “seed” of vision.
Stewardship Curriculum

The Giving Journey

Provides framework of Paul’s instructions for widespread funding efforts


  • Offers a verse-by-verse study of 2 Corinthians 8
  • Increases understanding of what and how to communicate God’s vision
  • Fosters unity as participants understand what it means to be the “body of Christ”
Stewardship Curriculum

Be Transformed

Addresses Lordship as a precursor to teaching Biblical stewardship


  • Encourages a sense well-being through faith in God.
  • Provides practical applications of God’s kingdom advancing
  • Helps participants have a sense of peace & hope as they interact with God

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