Church Capital Campaign

Every church capital campaign is a historic opportunity for your church. If God is leading your vision, we believe the resources and blessing of God will guide your project to completion. As church leadership, the challenge will be communicating the need and Biblically motivating your people to respond in obedience and faith.

Impact Stewardship will walk with you every step of the journey. We involve people at every level of your church and are committed to increasing the overall spiritual and financial health of your church.

Learn more about what sets us apart, our process and how we can help you promote your vision to the church.

What Sets Us Apart


Benefit from our core strengths and differences. Learn more about our church capital campaign distinctions and what sets us apart.


The nuts and bolts of how we achieve success in every program. Learn more about our process and timeline for a successful church capital campaign.

Media Development

Creating media content for your church capital campaign that is customized specifically to your culture.

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