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Capital Campaign


We can implement our proven process customized to your church culture and DNA. We work with you to maximize ministry by involving as many people as possible at every level in your congregation to create the greatest increase of giving for your project/ministry and long-term stewardship.

Our Five Step Process



We come alongside leadership in articulating a message that effectively communicate the vision and calls your people to action. This includes the creation and distribution of a vision presentation and promotional media.



Together with leadership we engage a large cross section of your church with opportunities for involvement. We believe increasing overall involvement deepens the ownership and support of the vision.



Take your people, both corporately and individually, through a deeper Biblical understanding of the transforming principles of faithful stewardship via our stewardship curriculum, educational resources, and tools.



Prayer is at the center of every campaign. The entire church seeks God and asks for their hearts to be open to His direction and prompting through different strategic and specific prayer events.



This is the historic moment where the whole church is asked to step out in total obedience and commit their giving and lives fully to God as an act of worship and sacrifice.

Setting Yourself Up for Success

Developing the best church capital campaign timeline

Planning is the secret to success. Too many churches make the mistake of waiting too long to begin preparing for their capital campaign.  By delaying, the church runs the risk of putting too much stress on themselves and mistakenly putting the emphasis on the funds needed rather than the spiritual and stewardship growth of its people.

The timeline below shows the average church should start planning a minimum of 6 to 7 months prior to the time they need to begin receiving campaign proceeds for their project to receive the most benefit.

Planning Phase
(2 months)
  • Program Design and Customization with Your Consultant
  • Calendar and Timeline Development
  • Media and Communication Planning
  • Forecasting and Goal Setting
Preparation Phase
(3 months)
  • Team Enlistment
  • Leadership Training
  • Plan Implementation
Public Phase
(4-6 weeks)
  • Vision
  • Information
  • Education
  • Engagement
  • Inspiration
  • Prayer
Commitment Phase
(2-3 weeks)
  • 2 to 3-Year Commitments Are Made
  • Focus on Over and Above Sacrificial Giving
Giving Phase
(2-3 years)
  • Giving Occurs over a Defined Period
  • Pledge Fulfillment Emphasis
  • Follow-Up Communication Plans
  • On-Going Consulting and Coaching