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Pre-Campaign Planning

Project Feasibility & Readiness

What is your church’s commitment to a project? Through Impact Stewardship’s Project Feasibility Study you can find out the readiness of your people and the potential challenges to your project prior to a campaign, giving you the internal confidence needed before moving forward.

Identify the level of commitment within your church using our Project Feasibility Study. We define commitment as the degree to which an individual engages emotionally and physically in church life and their likelihood to participate in funding your vision. By identifying the different priorities and attitudes within the church, we can help you develop an effective communication strategy to motivate deeper devotion, involvement, and ultimately giving. This critical process only takes 6-8 short weeks and is often used just prior to initiating a capital campaign.

What is Included in an Impact Project Feasibility Study?

  • Development of Feasibility Surveys (online, hardcopy, focus group, and one-on-one survey)
  • On-site consulting and conduct and review all survey interviews and evaluations.
  • Review and deliver written and oral assessments of campaign readiness
  • Determination of study focus and identification of focus areas to be measured

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