Calvary Church was facing the largest campaign in their history.  Senior Pastor, Dr. Robert Peters recalls, “From day one, Bill and his team spoke with us about how they would lead us through the Biblical principles of raising kingdom resources to accomplish local church work. We were at ease with the entire plan”, which is important to any campaign, even more when Calvary Church was trying to raise three times more than had ever been attempted before.  The staff recognized that the current facilities of the church was limiting their impact with young families with children.  The new and renovated facilities would allow them to grow these ministries and the new worship center would accommodate their projected growth.

Calvary Church began their capital campaign and Dr. Peters recalls, “As matter of fact, you’ll find a friend in Impact that knows Biblical principles, understands how to implement them, and then will partner with you, bringing a level of excellence and expertise I do not think any church could achieve on their own.”  To date the Calvary family has raised nearly $20 million dollars as they seek God’s vision to speak the peace of God into the brokenness of our world and reach all generations with their facility.

  • Winston Salem, NC
  • Renovation
Total Committed
  • $19,200,000
  • Capital Stewardship Consulting
  • Media Consulting
  • Graphic Design
  • Campaign Website
  • Video Production

I want to encourage you. If you are going through a campaign to reach out to Impact Stewardship Services. You'll never be sorry for a day that you did and your church will be impacted by the plans that are developed and the stewardship dollars that are raised for the projects you are undertaking."

Dr. Robert PetersSenior Pastor
Church Capital Campaign