Church Capital Campaign Consultant

Dr. Gary Enfinger

Senior Partner and Executive Vice President

Dr. Gary Enfinger is the Executive Vice President and
Senior Partner of Impact Stewardship Resources.
Gary has been with Impact Stewardship for 15 years
and brings with him almost 30 years of pastoral and
ministry experience. Prior to joining the Impact team,
he completed a highly effective 22-year pastorate of
one of Alabama’s growing downtown churches. Under
his leadership average attendance more than doubled
and the church was recognized as a strong evangelistic
and mission-minded church that cultivated hundreds
of new believers during his tenure.

Dr. Enfinger was especially successful in leading his
church through three major capital stewardship
campaigns that provided the funds for major
land acquisitions, building renovations, and new
construction. The general budget receipts for the
church also grew simultaneously with every capital
fund campaign. Total receipts more than quadrupled
during that time span. Gary believes that God has
already provided the resources for His people to
accomplish His kingdom’s purposes in every church.
Gary’s desire is to assist Impact Stewardship in their
goal of enabling churches and pastors to fully develop
their potential for impacting their world for the glory of
Jesus and the expansion of His church.

In addition to his service as a pastor, Dr. Enfinger
has served on the Board of Directors of several
major institutions, including Chairman of the Board
of Trustees of the University of Mobile and Board
Chairman of the Southwest Alabama Medical Center.
He holds an earned Doctorate with an emphasis in the
theological framework and Biblical basis for financial

With his doctoral thesis on stewardship, Gary utilizes
his years of ministry background and passion for
stewardship teaching to attract a new generation of
stewards through his work with Impact Stewardship.
His relational ability and consulting style have been
successful while working alongside numerous
denominations over his nearly 15 years with Impact
Stewardship. Gary’s motivational speaking and
teaching have assisted the church projects in his care
to consistently reach and exceed their goals.

Gary maintains an active preaching ministry and is
in the pulpit nearly every Sunday of the year. He is
frequently asked to speak in a number of national and
regional ministerial venues. He has conducted over
125 stewardship campaigns.