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The Legacy Now program creates a long-term in-house culture of sustainable giving.  Our research show that only 4% of churches have any kind of legacy program and yet legacy giving is the largest sector of philanthropy. Impact Stewardship, can assist your church transform this complicated process into a low stress and cost-effective strategy.

Our program provides step-by-step guidance and personalized coaching to create a lifelong church legacy program.

On average, it takes four months or less to get your legacy program started and the follow-up necessary to solidify an on-going culture of legacy giving.  Someone once said, “If a church is not actively asking for legacy gifts, the church’s future is doomed already”.

The average amount per gift given to a legacy program is $35,000 – $75,000, with most of those gifts donated to non-profits.  Most experts agree if the church does not begin building an effective legacy program those funds will likely be given to other non-profits such as hospitals, universities, or national charities. When polled most church members said the number one reason they did not leave a legacy gift to their church was that no one asked them.

Benefits to Legacy Program
  • The average amount of legacy gift of $35,000-$75,000
  • Highly cost-effective and high level of ROI
  • Customized to your church culture
  • Personalized coaching and legacy giving guidebook is provided
  • No technical expertise is required and never make a specific ask for a gift
  • Increased level of training is available

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