Communication Strategy

Develop your campaign communication strategy with Impact’s media consultant.  We can build a fully integrated media communication strategy that provides an extremely effective tool, that increases engagement and involvement.  Get the most out of your campaign media, whether it’s print, video, website or social media communication. We will work with you directly to help you maximize your campaign communication by helping you plan your strategy.

Media Consultation

  • Full Service and Support
  • Media training for all key staff and volunteers
  • Fully Customized options
  • Turn key options for all media fulfillment


  • Award winning graphic design
  • Custom layout and design based on your church
  • Full service options
  • Media fulfillment support and deadline management
  • Fast and easy turnaround


  • On-site shooting and direction
  • Over 400 campaign videos produced
  • Custom video production
  • Professional editing
  • Easy online approval and download capability


  • Professional website design
  • Hyperlinked from church website
  • Hosted and updated by Impact Stewardship during the campaign
  • Responsive Design
  • Online e-pledging

Social Media

  • Customized social media strategy
  • Connectivity with your church’s campaign website
  • Enhanced on-line campaign promotion

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