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Autumn is by far my favorite season. Here are a few of my personal reasons for loving this time of year. Last week, my seven-year-old son took in the fall smells and exclaimed, “It smells like Christmas” as chimney fires were lit for the first time. The crisp morning chilly air often prodding one to put on a jacket or sweatshirt. The warm comfort foods that please the pallet and cause one to forget the wet and the cold.

Most churches find fall their favorite season, as well. Everyone is back from vacation, which means attendance and giving are back up from summer-time lows. For many churches, fall is when they conduct an annual campaign. This annual campaign often helps cover the expenditures of the previous year and provides a glimpse into what the next year may hold. Church staff and volunteer leadership teams are busy planning and preparing for the next year during the fall.

These times for brainstorming, dialogue, and troubleshooting lead one to consider options for the best way for the church to achieve their spiritual and financial goals. In these meetings, churches more often than not chose the least expensive option, which usually means turning inward to “save money”, and when applied correctly to certain areas of the church this may indeed be beneficial. Yet, if the church is looking to increase giving in a capital campaign and/or giving emphasis the in-house principle is potentially less effective and more harmful. We believe, this is a historic moment for the church, and there are at least seven reasons every church could benefit from the expertise and experience of an outside stewardship consultant.


Historically, churches that “go at it alone” raise only 1/3 to 1/2 of their total potential. The increase of money you bring in through an outside firm easily outweighs any money you would have saved in a consultant’s fee.


A professional consultant prompts a fresh perspective with supporters and can recommend a variety of previously unknown ways for givers to support the church that go beyond income.


By having an objective third- party, experienced consultant who is “like-minded” the church can avoid devastating “landmines”. We define “landmines” as undiscovered and often overlooked internal issues that can sabotage an entire campaign and possibly create major conflict within the church.


A professional consulting program can help you communicate more effectively with the entire church, including your core and community members. Your core 20% cannot support 80% of the campaign funding, and a competent consultant will help compel other folks to get involved and give.

Download our whitepaper “Reasons to Choose a Capital Stewardship Consultant” to receive the remaining reasons and a deeper understanding of each reason every church should hire a capital stewardship consultant.

URGENT – If you are looking to start a campaign in the next 6-9 months, contact us to schedule a free consultation with one of our stewardship experts.

Chuck Klein

Chuck is the principle owner and President of Impact Stewardship Resources, Inc. since 2009. He previously held the position of Vice President of Administration from 2000 to 2009. Having been involved in over 300 campaigns since entering the capital stewardship consulting field, he also has an extensive background in Christian marketing (retail and music). Chuck entered church consulting with the purpose of creating innovative programs that communicate biblical principles, promote church vision and build God’s Kingdom.

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