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Now that fall campaigns are under way, planning for spring initiatives is at the forefront for many congregations. The motivation for these campaigns brings to mind one of the big takeaways of the summer conference season. Believers – we who are the church – need to invest in what matters to God, trusting His sovereign promise that what we sow, we shall reap (Gal 6.7).

As I spoke with leaders and administrators from around the country about church growth and long-term financial health, the Holy Spirit impressed upon me the priority of Kingdom-oriented investing. Boiling this down to basics, we can see how investing in God’s agenda:

1. Yields interest.

Unlike the financial systems of the world, Kingdom principal always bears positive yield. Moreover, it’s not even your effort that produces that yield, but rather your obedience in making the initial deposit. Where Kingdom principal exists, a healthy return will follow.

2. Produces harvest.

The key here is that we are called to be part of managing that return. The fruitfulness of our physical obedience, as blessed by His hand, directly correlates to spiritual harvest. When we choose to participate in the supernatural process of making disciples, we align ourselves with His heart and His plan.

3. Is fully insured.

For the individual “investor,” the only risk involved is that of our own comfort, control, and convenience. Whereas earthly models pay attention to data and analysis and bulls and bears, our focus remains upward. Walking by faith, not by sight, reminds us that the long-term stability and success of a Kingdom investment is guaranteed.

Chuck Klein

Chuck is the principle owner and President of Impact Stewardship Resources, Inc. since 2009. He previously held the position of Vice President of Administration from 2000 to 2009. Having been involved in over 300 campaigns since entering the capital stewardship consulting field, he also has an extensive background in Christian marketing (retail and music). Chuck entered church consulting with the purpose of creating innovative programs that communicate biblical principles, promote church vision and build God’s Kingdom.

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