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“What good is it to raise all this money

if we don’t actually receive the money?”

So, you’ve just wrapped up a successful stewardship initiative. Your people are excited about what’s been accomplished and what the future will bring. Fantastic! Now what? A successful stewardship program on paper won’t pay the building contractors or retire that ministry-inhibiting debt.

A common question we hear is “How much can our church expect to receive of its pledges or commitments?” And that’s a reasonable concern. Currently, 75% of Impact’s partners are tracking at or above 100%  pledge fulfillment. However, strong pledge fulfillment doesn’t just happen. It’s achieved with a well-thought-out plan, executed during the campaign’s giving phase (which is typically three years). The adage “outta sight, outta mind” rings true here. Continual, engaging promotion is a must.

Regular reports to the congregation of the dollars received and how they have been or will be spent is critical. People will not give to something they don’t fully understand. A comprehensive follow-up program will utilize different communication mediums, because people receive and retain information differently. Announcements, social media, videos, testimonies, milestone celebrations, and events are just a few.

And sadly, during the giving period, a few people will leave the church, become unable to fulfill their well-intentioned commitment or pass on. To offset this normal attrition, new members will need to be introduced to the project and invited to be a part of the campaign. This can best be accomplished through many viable options including your regular new member classes or fun fellowships that include good food!

A partnership with Impact includes not only monitoring and coaching during the giving period but unlimited access to our team and our educational resources. We’re committed to your success! Before your last pledge card is tallied, we will have trained a group of people to lead your follow-up effort. And we’ll walk with you the whole way.

Recently, during our second stewardship initiative with First Baptist Church of Lenoir City outside of Knoxville, TN, the church experienced additional new commitments of over $250,000 during a pivotal time at their anniversary celebration.  This was added to the previous original commitment of $2 million.  Impact Stewardship gives you a follow-up strategy and walks with you to completion.  That has been a large part of our success over the past 20 years.

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Debbie Abney

Debbie has served in Church Relations at Impact for over 15 years. Within this capacity, she directs our Follow-Up program–supporting the long-term relationship between church and consultant. Debbie is also a co-consultant on many projects as part of our successful team approach. Her attention to detail makes her a key asset in the creation and development of campaign training materials. Her dedication is evident in her support of our team and partners

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